Lash Manual


Introducing, the one and only, Master Lash Tech Manual you will ever need. This manual is perfect for any eyelash artist-beginner to advanced, as it allows you to take an in depth look at master eyelash techniques broken down into simple achievable steps. All this amazing content is paired with the most important business knowledge relevant to your business eyelash extension business! 

This manual combines 4+ years experience in the industry and condenses business knowledge from a lash tech that has a Master in Business Administration (a.k.a the university CEO masters program). Not to mention, it contains all the international knowledge gained from all the best lash courses around the world including Russia, United Kingdom, Canada, and much more! Saving you the time and money and getting right down to the nitty gritty right away. 

Check out the table of contents to see what you’ll learn for only $40! 

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Supplies
  • Lash Anatomy
  • Lash Cycles
  • Lash Extensions
  • Lash Styles
  • Lash Curls
  • Coloured Lashes
  • Lash Thickness.
  • Diameters & Volume Safety
  • Eye Shapes & Styling
  • Lash Mapping
  • Lash Preparation
  • Lash Application
  • Lash Removal
  • Lash Taping
  • Lash Isolation
  • Pick-Up
  • Lash Fanning
  • Extension Placement
  • Advanced Refills
  • Lash Adhesive
  • Lash Aftercare & Retention
  • Lash Disinfection
  • Blepharitis

Module 2 

  • Client Relations
  • Client Consultation
  • Business 101
  • Start Up Pricing
  • Online Booking
  • Waiver Forms
  • Lash Room Set Up
  • Time Management
  • Social Media
  • The Perfect Picture
  • FAQ For Clients
  • Appendix

*PDF format 

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