Iconic Classic Mix Length Tray


Lash Boss International Iconic luxury line of classic eyelash extension trays are available in .15 thickness and 7-11mm and 12-16mm in length to create the perfect classic look without overbearing the natural lash. These fibres were carefully crafted in our medical grade sanitary facility to ensure maximum health and retention.

All trays are inspected to ensure consistent health, safety and quality with each purchase! These PBT cashmere eyelash extension trays are made from vegan, hypoallergenic fibres and come in 14 rows per tray. Every tray is made with care to ensure minimal effects from the environment. This means they are water, oil and heat resistant and the fibres hold their curl and colour for the entire lifetime of each set. Each fibre is perfectly crafted to achieve the perfect jet-black colour with a mix of sheen and matte finish to create perfect sets that your clients will love.

To ensure proper pick-up, each row is equipped with a 1mm sticky strip with no residual glue being left on the lashes after pick-up! Each strip has an aluminium backing to allow for easy transfer to and from your tile. The base of each fibre is equipped with micro-ribbing technology for easy and long lasting retention with tapered finish at the top of the fibre. These trays hold the softest, darkest, elegant lashes available and have a shelf life of 2 years! 

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