Boss Adhesive


Lash Boss International Boss Adhesive glue is perfect for professional eyelash extension application and allows for an instant bond to the natural lash with a setting time of 0.5-1s and a retention time of 6-8 weeks. It is very flexible and perfect for those with sensitive eyes.


Retention 6-8 weeks 
Humidity Range 55-65%
Temperature Range 

18-24 Degrees Celsius
64.4 - 75.2 Degrees Fahrenheit

Viscosity  Thin
Dry Time 0.5-1.0 seconds
Softness High
Texture Flexible 
Fumes Low
Shelf-Life 6-months unopened, 3 months opened
Storage Cool, dry, dark place in an upright position in an airtight container
Perks Water-proof and sweet-resistant

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